3) Cannot find a contact to make a payment

Hi there,

For some strange reason I cannot find a contact of my friend to send him money. He got me on Revolut and just like me he uses it all the time. I can only find the latest payment relationships with other friends, cannot find him even using the search contact facility. Where am I wrong?

Thank you,

Hey @PB411 :slight_smile:

If you were able to find her/him before, then it’s probably not your fault but a technical glitch and there’s little you can do about it. At least, that’s been happening to me a few times over the last years :frowning:

Maybe your friend can request the money from you so you’ll only have to accept her/his request :wink:

If you have never been able to see your friend, try adding/removing the international prefix and see if that changes anything :+1:

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Have you both synced your address books with Revolut? Is his phone number associated with his account identical with the phone number you’ve got for him in your address book?

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We always used it together, except last two weeks or so. I changed his name in my address book, could that do anything with it?
He requested money, I could accept it, but still can’t find him to send money.
And now every time I click on his name from requested money, my Revolut app crashes. So blizzard.