3,5% Fee for buying cryptocurrencies



I would like to know what happen with the cryptocurrency features.

It written that its a 1,5% fee for buying BTC ETH or LTC on revolut but its not true.

For example when i bought ETH => the rate was around 383 EUR, I put 100 EUR but the change rate applied was 397.5 EUR.

383 / 397.5 * 100 = around 3,5% fees instead of 1,5%?

What happening?



Hi Denis,

Your observation is correct, but you need to keep in mind that since we work with a number of exchanges, there will always be 2 different prices ie. bid / ask. The 3.5% difference you see there is a combination of the spread charged by the exchange at that exact moment in time and our 1.5% fee.

We will be releasing a blog post soon which will explain all of this in more detail.



I feel cheated by this. The price that shows up should include all fees. I thought I was getting a below market price, and it silently increased the price without any confirmation from me

Not to mention that you can’t actually withdraw the cryptos.


Hey Rob,

Thanks for your explanation! However, by looking at the Bitstamp book as well as historical/current data ( https://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/spread/7d/USD?c=e&f=m10&st=log&t=l ) the average exchange spread (Bitstamp) is only 0.12%. So according to your explanation, the Revolut spread should be around 1.6 - 1.7% wide.


Not 100% accurate - the price you are shown on screen is computed as a VWAP (volume weighted average price) which means that high volatility causes this average to diverge from the average exchange spread you mention.


Hey Rob!

Thanks for the info! Could you possibly shed some light on how your VWAP is calculated (timeframe, etc). Also, I understand that with volatility Bitstamp’s spread will naturally increase, but it will not increase to 2% (And never has).

If you say that the 3.5% spread is a combination your 1.5% fee and Bitstamp’s spread. Then you’re implying that Bitstamp’s spread is 2% which is simply not true. Please see the chart below for proof.