2990$ transfer lost since 3 months!!!!! HELP


I post here after 3 months of struggle to find my money
on 2 of april I made a transfer of 2990usd from my business account in mashreq bank dubai, this transfer has never arrived
Of course i asked a trace, pass it to revolut, after many struggles, calls, chats, money and time lost
I finally have the proof that the money is at lloyd since the beginning
I don’t know about banks, so if members who know can help me it would be nice because actually revolut is nit very helpfullm asking again for mt103 and trace, because it’s not the same personne that was following me (Alex)
But I think the message from deutsche bank (intermediary) make very clear that they have sent a swift and message to lloyds which is not answering
thanks for your email. Please correct me if am wrong. We are surprised that LLOYDS bank has never received any message… We had sent the Credit confirmation request to BKTRUS33 and also please find the below copy of the message sent from their end to us. It clearly states that they had sent a swift to LLOYDS: This has to be taken up with the customer in order to contact the BENE. Furthermore Bene has to reach out to his Bene bank and request the status of the payment.

So please anybody that can help is welcomme, , it’s almost 3k, lost since 3 months, I was really loving revolut until now, and I;m a premium member, but here I;m really disappointed, until having this message I was thinking it was the fault of my bank, but now I see it;s lloyds, so revolut
Bank transactions are chinese for me, and I don;'t understand what can happen, and what can I do
since 3 months, lloyds and mashreq are sending the fault to the other bank, turning me crazy


this is a public forum, please don’t post private information. @AndreasK can hopefully get someone on the in-app chat to help you getting this sorted.

did you add your unique reference number when doing the transfer?


Yes I know, but I was so upset and don’t know what else to do, almost 3000$ lost since 3 months, can you imagine!
Yes of course i add the ref number, and when people send me money and forget the ref number, I send a screenshot of the wire and my money is always retrieved
Now it seems that my bank has finally sent all the intermediary banks doncs, and that revolut support after 10 days (because the agent has changed an ddidn;t know my case, so she asked again same docs instead transmitting to lloyds) has transmitted the doc to the lloyds where the money seems to be since the beginning
I also connected on twitter where they gave me the email for a formal complaint.
This is a nightmare, and as I don’t know anything about how bank works, that’s why I post here in case of some members that know more can give hope, and things to do to get my money.
Because my bank support is really bad, and revolut support chatting from an Iphone is a nightmare too
Another point is that revolut should have a desktop based support (I don;t understand why having a apple watch a no desktop app)
And provide phone support for extreme cases like mine!


warning: please avoid this ride if you have heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure


I don’t really understand your answer…
I have a perfect heart condition, but become very angry when I lose 3 k$ during more than 3 months, and try to get help everywhere to a problem that I can’t understand myself!


sorry, it was an inappropriate joke about how easily the :r:evolut experience could kill you.

Almost everyone on this forum arrived here after their own horror stories, and I would also be terribly angry and upset in your situation but after some months lingering around I’m sadly not surprised.

Revolut can save you quite a bit of money in currency exchange and transfer costs, but you need to be prepared to take a hit on your mental health in exchange. After you accept :r:'s ups and downs and assess the risks you can even start enjoying the ride.


Didn’t realize that
until now I add no problem (only once I add 2 wires being lates)
For me I really need it, as I am paid 90% in $ and live in europe
I am going to try transfer wise also
but really disappointed, I was really trusting revolut


i see you originally posted on March 13, was this another problem with a transaction of the same amount ? How was this issue resolved ?


you could receive your payment at transferwise and then move it yourself to revolut for exchange, or upgrade to premium here to get better support, or get a freelander account here and get awesome support a web interface and your very own USD IBAN.


Didn’t saw you answer
I am already premium!!! …support is not better, good support would be trough phone, or almost desktop
The money lost is money that I have transfered myself from my business account, but there was several intermediary banks, which don’t help
so perhaps with transferwise it can be better…
I suppose you mean a freelancer account trough revolut business, but I have a company and it’s a not a european one…and revolut for the moment only open business account for euro companies
transfer wise does, so I think I will do that


@alexadark so the money is still lost??!


Yes, 3,5 months!!!
now they asked the initial swift that they already have since months to be able to trace


Yes it was another problem, 2 bank wires of almost 3k too that where late of 10 days, and I was in a hurry, as I was needing to pay to enter in a new apartment
fortunately these ones appear as soon as I asked the trace

But this one is wire made on 2 of april and has never arrived


@andreask @Olga_revolut @rafael_revolut can you do something to help @alexadark?


Hi guys. I’m in touch with the user. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon.


…I hope so!
I don’t understand how a bank, and having now all documents cannot find a payments, also it is the fault of the bank not mine, so it’s really not fair that they don’t send me the money when they have all the documents showing that the bank wire has been done and that all the intermediary banks have documented the wire, and indicate clearly that the money is a the Lloyds
I love revolut, but this is hell, Also you Revolut should call a client with such a huge problem,
Can you imagine the time I have passed typing on a stupid phone
…A desktop app is also really needed!
I don’d understand why a apple watch app and no desktop app!


:r: is not a bank, it holds no banking license.
They have dealt with this very poorly and i can only begin to imagine the stress you have been under.
Would you still use the service following resolution of the problem or would you be looking for an alternative service ?


When I was saying bank I was meaning LLoyds, as now apparently it’s Lloyds that doesn’t find my money, … when I have all sent all the proof the money is in lloyds.
I Also have read that I can ask for damages interests.
Well, yes I will continue using revolut, as I am paid 95% in $, and live in spain, so I really need it to avoid huge currency exchange loss
But perhaps I will see passing first by transfer wise, and send smaller amounts to revolut


I still have not my money, and it is inadmissible
I have sent all the proofs showing that my money is at lloyds since the beginning
It is not my fault if they (revolut or lloyds don’t know which is the guilty one) are absolutely incompetent.
If I pass money to someone to pay somebody, and that this intermediary lose the money should it be the person who is waiting the money that should lose it or the intermediary who have lost it to pay it with his money
Here the intermediary is revolut / lloyds, and if they don;t know where is my money I am not responsible of that, and should not suffer of that, I think they have enough money to credit my account and pass the time they want to search the money
I have pass countless time writing, phoning my other bank, chatting on the revolut app, spending money to have the trace done, to provide all the proofs that my money is at lloyds


No help with your situation alexadark but your story is making me doubt Revoluts integrity and I am seriously considering closing my account.