2500USD topup and Revolut locked account


After I added around 2500 USD in my Revolut account they locked my account and since yesterday I get no answer from support even with Premium account. I was thinking that I get a better rate for my flight and I ended without flight ticket and without money.
How can someone trust this system? Will I ever get my money back?


I suggest to contact them via Twitter / Facebook if support chat seems unresponsive. That might speed things up.


And again another scaring customer experience. In my opinion an absolutely not acceptable way of communication with customers, Revolut’s actively calculating a dramatic situation for any user.
How to feel safe on a trip with the hanging sword of a possibly locked account over your head.
I‘m Rev user since Nov 2017 and had only experienced some small issues, but stories like your‘s and many others make me think more and more about if really relying on REV on my upcoming trip to the US with my daughter. Imagine, they‘d lock my account abroad with a kid for any unknown reason…
Rev should really start rethinking about their customer communication…


I’ve never had a problem with Revolut locking my account - but that doesn’t mean I would rely on ANY one card alone for spending whilst travelling.


I thought when hitting the limit, usually the account isn’t locked, just the incoming payment is frozen?

Locked accouts can be the result of some suspicious behavior that triggered Revolut’s security system.


@GunR the reason for my revolut account was also a trip in US, I was imagining that I would pay everything at best rates but form my current experience I will quit using it for good

@Frank, the only suspicious thing that I can see was to top up my account from two different bank cards that belongs to me and are verified.

@henrikbjorn, I am far from hiting the yearly limit.


@eke Please keep us updated! Thanks


@GunR, I will keep updating this topic. For now there are 36 hours and no response from support and my account still locked


I finally got my account unlocked. I really don’t know how to proceed further, keep my plan to spend the money with revolut card or transfer funds back to my bank any pay higher rates for currency exchange?


I’d suggest going with :r: and keeping a few bucks on your traditional account, enough to survive for a few days. Maybe also disable location-based security while you are away?


Location based security should not affect account integrity. It might result in a declined payment or a locked card, but not a locked account.


Did Rev explain anything further to you? What was the reason for this „uncomfortable“ situation?


I wanna add something from my own experience 9 months ago. After adding money with virtual cards (issued by 2 separate EU banks), Revolut locked my account too.

I was on vacation at that moment and they were asking me to provide proof (photos/statements) of all 7 cards that I had used. I couldn’t get the verification done through the chat, because I couldn’t rescan the cards anymore (they are virtual!) and some were already deleted from my bank (yes, I use virtual cards as disposable cards just like Revolut does too now).
So yeah, I was in the middle of my holidays, with almost no cash and no way to verify my cards.
I was able to verify 2 cards, by having my family members at home take a picture of a card that had stayed at home and getting online statements. The other 5 cards never got validated. (Although they could see from the BIN codes of the cards that they were indeed virtual cards…)
I explained this to Revolut via Twitter and eventually they unlocked my account after a day or 2 of going back and forth.
I was told to never use virtual cards again to top up on Revolut, which I still find a bit “lame”. (Revolut offers virtual cards and allows to top up with virtual cards, but they don’t really want you to use them to top up with it.)

Anyway, I haven’t had any more problems with locked accounts, but the experience wasn’t far from optimal.
I would suggest that Revolut changes the whole process and builds in a “2 week grace period” before locking you completely out. In this grace period, they can start requesting for supporting documents, but in those 2 weeks you can still access your cash. This way people will have the assurance that they don’t get locked out in the middle of a vacation.


I got this from R:
“Your account has been flagged by our automated security system. I’m really sorry about this, let’s see how we can get your account fully functional again.”

I’ve asked how to avoid further account locks, but I did not get an answere yet. I will post the information when I get it.


Validation of cards already changed, I believe. There is no need to take a photo of the card anymore.


They wont tell you how to avoid further locks, as that’s a secret. Their system picks up on uncommon behaviour and then locks out those customers.
If people knew how to bypass the system, the system would be worthless.


@GunR, they cannot give me a reason
" In regards of your account being locked, I’m not able to provide any details due to internal security"
I’ve asked if there is a limit on spending, except monthly limit:
“Sometimes the account can get locked out if our internal system will suspect some suspicious activity. Please use your card as you would use your everyday bank card and there shouldn’t be any more issues.”


From many stories here in the forum, there are some things that seem to trigger the system more frequently than others:

  • relatively large amounts of incoming money from different sources that don’t have a history (like many newly added cards)
  • failed card verification
  • top up cards that aren’t in the name of the Revolut account holder
  • fast cycles, where large sums get in and out fast

The main concern seems to be money laundering. That’s also the reason why I believe they are skeptical about virtual cards: issuers of these cards might have less strict KYC policies, and it seems critical to Revolut that funds come from reliable sources.


In Portugal all banks issue virtual cards. So if I use one of those cards from say CGD which is a government owned bank and has existed for 200 years or something like that, Revolut doesn’t consider that a reliable source? As for their KYC, you have to visit a physical branch for practicaly everything and bring a briefcase of documents with you…

It just seems Revolut should not assume anything based on virtual cards alone especially as they issue virtual cards themselves…

Edit: there are even some banks that their physical cards don’t have the cvv code on the back as they want you to use the virtual cards for online transactions and those have the cvv


The problem is not the bank or virtual card itself. Its the use of many virtual cards. I have been using 1 virtual card for the past few months to top up every now and then, and i havent had any more problems.