£250 rolling limit, but I'm premium member


With my old bank card I was able to top up any amount as required, however after receiving and adding new bank card, I’m now receiving error mesaage of “opps, you’ve exceeded your £250 24h rolling limit”.

I’m a premium member which does away with such limits. Any ideas what is going on here and how I can top up more than £250 again please?

Thank you

Hi there

If you’ve linked a new debit/credit card to top up in Revolut it takes a little while for full authorisation to occur. This seems to be a fraud prevention procedure. (I assume you’re using a UK issued card).

Try topping up your account using the card up to the current limit several times and eventually you’ll find that the limit increases and you can use your card more or less freely.

On average some of my cards took 3 or 4 weeks before I could use them freely. A useful tip is if you can set up an auto top up with the card. And are able to use it without inputting the CVV each time. Once that happens the card is good to go :).


Great info, many thanks!

Are you a premium member? Just wondering if limits for non member apply regardless, or can use freely after what you described.

It’s the same for standard and Premium members. You have to build a safe track record first, then it’s pretty straightforward. (And yes, I am a Premium member).

Premium membership gives you shiny cards, free virtual cards, unlimited forex and transfers and an increased ATM limit. And some other goodies. Look in More>Premium

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Hi there. The daily card top-up limits aren’t increased with a Premium membership, however, they will increase over time.

Hi Jessica.

Thank you for your reply. Please can you cancel my premium membership then as I only signed up to this as I thought it increased my daily top-up limits. I have no use for any other benefits the premium membership offers.

Thank you