24 hours with no reply in chat

It was made 2 deposits, total of 4500 Euros on our Revolut Business account more than 10 days ago. Our client sent the proofs of transfer and we never got the money.

I’m trying to contact that support chat for more than 2 days to understand and they never solved the problem. But now it’s more than 24 hours they simply stopped answering me and there’s no other way we can reach them. At the beginning i thought it could be just a bug, but now i’m starting to get very scared with that situation.

That money should have been used to buy airline tickets and of course the prices already went up, so not only worried with out money, we already had a significant loss for they delay.

I’m posting the screenshot of the chat so people can be aware of my situation.

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Hello, it was SEPA or SWIFT transfer?

if your chat is on the queue for something already, normal support won’t see what you write. @olga_revolut or @rafael_revolut should be able to sort this for you

Hello @felipecallado :wave:

The case was already attended by my colleague via chat. We’re sorry for the long waiting time - we had to make sure that the case is looked into carefully. As always, we appreciate your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Hi Olga, I am having a similar issue and I have had no reply since Thursday - please can you help urgently