24 balance currencies now supported


Has anyone noticed that the number of currencies in which balances can be held has quietly increased to 24 without any announcements?

You can now hold balances in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, PLN, HUF, RON, TRY, ILS, CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD, SGD, ZAR, MAD, QAR, AED, THB, INR.

That’s quite an impressive list. Some obvious liquid currencies to add next would include CZK, RUB, MXN and BRL.


Yeah, but I still need CZK :grinning:


It is necessary for the Revolut to include also the clams from Polynesia. Then they could have the chance of missing the EEA currency, ie, BGN, CZK and ISK. :wink:


I don’t think that adding particular currencies delays adding other currencies. Looking at the list, Revolut seems to be adding the currencies it can rather than the currencies that are in demand. For example, I am guessing that RUB is Revolut’s top priority, certainly more than MAD or QAR, but MAD and QAR were probably easy to implement quickly, whereas RUB is probably causing some challenges.


Given the fifteen-year existence of a single European banking license and harmonized rules, however, it is unclear what problems Revolut is experiencing, for example, in CZ, where many foreign financial institutions operate without difficulty.


No doubt European banking passporting is what has enabled Revolut to so quickly roll out most EEA currencies. However, there are logistical arrangements to sort out separately for each currency, for example an underlying bank account on terms that are sufficiently favourable to support Revolut’s business model.


Adding CLP would be great too!