€20 Euros deducted by Revolut and a lower sum paid into ban account- for what!


€20 Euros deducted by Revolut and a lower sum paid into ban account- for what! (Euros on a Revolut card transferred into a Portuguese bank account!)


Hmmm strange…So you made a transfer from Revolut in the EUR currency to the Portuguese EUR account?


Are you sure you sent the money from your Revolut EUR balance to your EUR account in Portugal?


Hello, yes £’s changed into euros and then paid into a Portuguese bank account using IBAN number.




That was your portuguese bank deducting 20 EUR. The important thing is to know whether you have made a transfer in GBP to your EUR account or you made a transfer from your Revolut balance in EUR?


You can see the Revolut card is in euros, and for a different sum…


Really my Portuguese bank deducting €20! What a scam! They kept that quiet when I quizzed them about charges.


(that is the only transaction I made)


Revolut doesn’t charge any fees if you transfer under £5,000 (€6,500) per month! It has to be some kind of third party fee :disappointed:


That is really really strange. your portugeuse bank can only charge you what it would charge for an incoming domestic transfer from Portugal, but not more.

Something is wrong, you need to ask your Portuguese bank why they deducted money.


OK thanks yes I will go in and see them! But what about the different amount from the transfer and the money in? €118.36 / €117.96?


I know it’s not much but it was a trial before adding more money… so could be alot in a future transaction! Also, it doesn’t make sense.


If that is the case I will be closing my account with Millennium!


Be also careful with revolut. The money I transferred has never arrived on my revolut account… so watch out.


Are you sure you included correct details and your personal reference? I never had any problems with Revolut since Sep 2016.


Yes- but I can’t understand the discrepancy in amounts.


It looks like the recipient bank charged you for the incoming transfer. Since they couldn’t do that for a SEPA transfer, it looks like it could have been a SWIFT transfer. As the amounts don’t match, could it be that you accidentally sent the transfer in another currency, such as USD?

I’ve never done any outgoing transfer with Revolut thus far but I think the currency the outgoing transfer was sent in should show in the app. Do you see it anywhere?

Just because the app is showing “-€118.36” doesn’t mean the transfer went out in EUR, only that the money for it was taken from your EUR balance (and not GBP or USD).

It’s difficult to reach any definitive conclusions from the screenshots you posted but this is what I guess could have happened.