20 days to revert top-up?


I tried to top up via SEPA from my deutsche bank account but it was beyond limit so I asked the live agent to revert it for me. She said it usually takes up to 5 working days. But it was 10 days ago I I still haven’t received it and can’t find it on my deutsche bank account! I asked the live agent again and she said it may take up to 20 days.

I really can’t understand why it takes so long to revert the transfer! My account is just an Euro account in Germany. Actually, it took only two days for my top up to show on the app page. Does anyone have the similar experience as me? What can I do to make the process faster?


Beyond annual top-up limit?
We’ll most likely there would be some investigation going on?!

Also: this is not a bug. :man_shrugging:t3:


Given the fact that it was beyond your :r: limit and you chose to revert the money rather than increasing your :r: topup limit it’s possible that :r MAY ask you the source of the funds ( AML ) since it MAY look suspicious ( for topup increase you have to provide documents to prove your revenus )

Regarding the delay : did you do the SEPA transfer on 7 July ?