£20 charge when using Contact pay on London bus



New to London. I got charged 20 gbp from Tfl when riding the London bus with my revolut maestro. The chage happened as soon as I boarded! Why? This happened twice now.

My wife was also paying with my revolut but on a second card (mastercard) with a different number. I read you dont tap when exiting thr bus. Also 20 seems higer than max fare from what i read. What happened to me?


As far as I know you get charged the backfare, then get’s refunded the difference depending on how much you use it.


It should not be different for two cards, though. I would contact support.


Thanks. Any idea how long until refunded? And does this happen to all users?


Are payments still pending? Then they might be reverted back automatically. TfL always authorizes higher sums and then settles the actual fares later.

It’s the first time that I am reading this here. Maestro + TfL wasn’t discussed here before, as far as I am aware.


I think you’re confusing an authorisation with a charge. They’re not the same thing.


To clarify this I’ll need to explain how Maestro differs to Mastercard and visa.

So basically Maestro goes from your account to the merchant directly. There is no acquirer that holds the money, they just process the payment.

With MasterCard and Visa you have an acquirer which holds something called an authorisation, which is presented to the payment institution. This allows them to edit the authorisation, as the money isn’t taken instantly to facilitate the account to account process.

So with Mastero, they take the daily cap instantly then refund you at the difference end of the day.

With Mastercard and visa they just change the authorisation :ok_hand:t2:

If there’s anything I’m missing or wrong on, feel free to correct me or add to it.