2 x failed ATM withdrawals still debited!


I tried 2 x ATM withdrawals from a Halifax cash machine today for £50. The cash didn’t come out after an error message but the money shows as withdrawn on the app. I had the 4 hour response message but need that cash.!


The money should be reverted to your account in around weeks time :+1:


A week…nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I have had the same problem today. I tried to withdraw €200 but was unable to. I also tried to make a £35 transaction in a shop that was declined. I since believe it was because the top up was still pending at the time. Although I have never had that sort of wait time before. Anyways since then both amounts have been deducted from my revolut account and I am still waiting to speak to a live agent five hours later.


If you look in the app you will see the transaction marked as ‘Pending’. Most likely this transaction will revert and the funds reappear in your account - around 7 days I believe is a likely timescale.

In the unlikely event this does not happen and the transaction status changes to ‘Completed’ you should contact support and request a chargeback to return your funds. There is no point contacting them unless/until the status shows as completed.


This happened to me in India… 1 month ago!! Money not coming out the ATM and after some days in pending it was “completed” ! A real nighmare as I’ m still waiting to be refunded of 129€ , the MasterCard limit is 45 days , already 30 days today , I’m very worried to never see my money back… I’m just “glad” to see that it happen to many users… Let’s hope an happy ending for everyone .