2 week issue with Revolut Transfer to Moneyfarm



Ive had an issue with revolut for 2 weeks now. There was a promotion were if you opened an account and transferred £500 to Moneyfarm that you would receive a £50 bonus. The transfer had to be done in the transfer tab and moneyfarm would appear automatically when i did this.

There was an error in the revolut app and moneyfarm did not appear in the transfer tab. Ive contacted Revolut for the past 2 weeks every day now and the issue has still not been resolved. Everyday they keep telling me it will be done soon.

This is very poor that this has still not been resolved and that noone has tried to contact me to resolve the issue.

Moneyfarm have all my details and they told me if i make the transfer manually through the revolut app that i will be credited with the £50 bonus. However revolut tell me if i make the transfer manually they will not honour the bonus.

I trust that someone from the revolut team can contact me and get this issue resolved once and for all as its very frustrating that it still hasnt been resolved after 2 weeks


I’ve opened a MoneyFarm account but it doesn’t appear on the Revolut app yet either.


Hi @bearly & @RiceAD,

Thank you for letting us know. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We have solved this issue and the moneyfarm bank details are now appearing in your app so you can make your transfer and will receive your £50 reward as soon as you do.


I have now done this and made the transfer but i have still not received the £50 bonus.


Hi i have now done this and transferred £500 to moneyfarm but the bonus did not come into my account.


Hi @bearly,

The reward is now in your account. Apologies for the delay.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Hi yes thank you ive got it now


I have also opened a Moneyfarm account but their bank details are not appearing in the Revolut app.


Having the same problem here i have set up the Moneyfarm account through the link provided, set up my invester profile and the details for Moneyfarm are not appearing in the transfer section in Revolut in order to make the transfer.


Hi @Trevanator & @vincent1

Thank you for letting us know. We’re looking into it and we’ll have sorted it for you soon.


Andreas K



The same thing is happening to me. I can’t see the Moneyfarm transfer option.



Ok @Sam24a!

We’ll sort it for you too!


Hi admin.

I have completed and verified the profile but no bank details for money farm have been appeared at the transfer screen of the app. Can you have a look at my account as well?




Can you send me your phone number associated with your account via a direct message?


Hi Andreas. For some reason I can’t see the option to compose new message at the messages section. Is it possible for yourself to send me one so I can reply? Thanks!


Actually! Moments ago I received a notification that sign up is completed. Now I can see the money farm details. It seems it takes a while for the association of the accounts


Hi Team

Could you also look into this for me? I’ve opened a moneyfarm account and the transfer details aren’t coming up?


I have been trying for several days now and have been in contact with support for the last four days without success. If nothing happens today then Revolut will not be able to transfer until the New Year. Will this put me outside the time limit?


Three days and no feedback. Poor show Revolut.


I also have this problem; please add the money farm transfer option to my revolut app