2 physical cards on one joint account

me and my wife would like to have a separate account with 2 cards.
Is that possible?

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Not yet. They are working on a joint account. No definite ETA, though.

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No official joint account but you can have up to two working physical cards at the same time, this is even accepted by Revolut

Source : https://blog.revolut.com/introducing-spare-revolut-cards/

I would be careful, though. Merchants can deny to accept a card if the name does not match the cardholder. And Revolut’s T&Cs do not officially allow to share the PIN of a card. This might not be a problem in real life, but it might be a problem in cases of fraud.


Revolut is OK with this, they even encourage it :slight_smile:

.or give one to a relative!

Alternatively, you could give your spare Revolut card to a relative; you would effectively have a joint account. You could top-up an equal amount into the account and it the cards to split the cost of your living or holiday expenses.

Please check the terms and conditions. It is stated there that one should not disclose the PIN of a card, i believe: cardholder terms, liability.

Like I said, I don’t expect it to be a problem in real life. But in case of fraud, if the payment network can proof that sensitive informations like a card PIN were disclosed to a third person, it might be difficult to get the money back.