2 pending payments have not been refunded


Hi, Last thursday I booked a day tour in San Francisco. The tour had no spaces left and so there was no charge. This has not been reflected in my balance yet. I also stayed in a hotel and they charged a deposit. When I finished my stay, the deposit was returned. This has not been reflected in my balance either. It was a total of approx $300.can you please let me know what to do? The two transactions appear as pending so obviously the money was not charged.


Hi @gordita86, transaction appear always as pending as long the merchant has not refunded or claimed the money. If you check any payment, it will be marked as “pending” for a short while.

Don’t worry. If a merchant does not claim the money, the “refund”, which is more a release of a preauthorized payment, will happen automatically. This is how it works with all cards. It can take up to ten days. Only a merchant can speed up this process. Neither you nor Revolut.