2 cards: a virtual-only card & a physical card


I love the fact that one can “regenerate” a new virtual card on-the-fly.

This is such an amazing feature that adds a huge safety factor to the app.

However, once one has the physical card, it’d be rather annoying to regenerate a card as it’d involve waiting for the new card to arrive (& probably some fees).

So a simple work around would be to have 2 cards:

– a virtual-only card
– a physical card

The virtual card would be used all over the internet for purchases. And most likely “regenerated” every couple of weeks or so.

The physical card would be the one used to withdraw cash & pay in shops. That one is the precious one you really care for. You don’t want to lose it, get it stolen or anything that forces you to request a new one.

What do you think?


Yes it’s a great point of view. However, renewing automatically the virtual card will cause lot of customers to fill/change again and again card informations to monthly subscription… :confused:

For more safety with online payments you could be interested in a one time/merchant card with a limited validity and amount as we talked about here:
And my answer:



See https://getfinal.com/ for inspiration. They allow to generate a separate virtual card for each merchant, with their own limits.


Hell yes I know that. :smiley:
See also Privacy.com, same thing but not additional card, just a web service. :wink:


Adrien, I totally agree with you. There are a lot of people who want to have both, a physical card for POS and a virtual one for online transactions. For example Moneypolo and Loadoo offers both options per user - a virtual and a physical card.


There is a company based in us that does the throw away card, check out privacy.com. great idea. I would use it with revolut if they implemented it. Peter