2% Atm fee


Hi there, just got my revolt card for travelling in southeast Asia for 6 months. I know there is a fee for withdrawing over £200 but wondered when it resets?

So if I withdraw £500 on the 15th September and paid the 2%, do I need to wait until the 15th of the next month for the fee to come off or will it be the 1st October?

Any advise would be great.



Here you have, extracted from https://revolut.com/terms
You can probably also check this in More -> Profile -> Price plan :slight_smile:


Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Sorry just to confirm I joined in June 17 so am rolling month.

So with my example I will need to wait until the 15th October?



I guess that the rolling month takes into account the date you originally signed up.
However, could you please check on the app if any further info appears under More -> Profile -> Price plan? :slight_smile:

EDIT: No, you can see your current usage there, but not the “reset” date. So, either take a close look and see when it resets to 0, or get in touch with support :stuck_out_tongue: