1xbet problema with withdraw

Hi, I use 1xbet for nearly 2 years and never had a problem with a withdraw. I use Trustly bank transfer with I just give my IBAN and the money is in my account in 2 days. But it withdraws no more then 100 euros.

I’m April 1st I did a withdraw of 180 euros and it still is not on my account. I confronted the 1xbet support with this situation and they asked me for my bank extract. I sent them and they gave me a reference code with 10 digits to apply to my bank saying that the withdraw was succesfull.

The guy in my bank says he does not know what to do with the reference code. Could you help me ?

Hey Mike

“The guy in my bank” is that a Revolut support agent?

If you did the withdrawel to you Revolut personal IBAN you have to contact Revolut support and have them locate the funds. If you forgot the reference number for the pooled account they can also help you.

If the support agent do not know what to do, then ask for a manager :slight_smile:

Oh I did not know this was only for revolute. I was trying to find help I’m my problem because my bank does not know what to do with the reference code 1xbet gave me

It is hard to give you advice if it pertains to your personal bank that is not Revolut. My best bet is for you to contact them and ask for somebody who can help and just keep going up their chain of command.

“Reference” might refer to the “End-to-end reference” which is a standard data form field for all SEPA transfers. Sometimes, this is implemented differently by some local banks, that use a “comment” form field for this. That’s where one usually puts in an invoice number or something like this.

So the reference in this case should be just the additional text that shows up together with the transfer on the account statement.

Thank you for the advice. I will yet again approach the bank with this.

Thank you Frank. I’ll show this to the bank and see if there is any progress.