1st time abroad, 2 simple questions about the currency to have in the account


I’m going to Japan next week… I got the revolut card yesterday, which I plan to use, of course.
My account is EUR.

My questions are:
In the account, I have 100 EUR and the same amount (previously exchanged) in JPY.
When using Revolut in Japan, what money will be first used, JPY ou EURO?
And what happens if I buy something that costs the equivalent of 101 EUR?


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  • JPY account is charged first, if there is enough funds. If not, then
  • main account is charged next, if there is enough funds

If you try to buy sth for the eq. of 101 EUR, the transaction will be refused, unless you have enough funds in another currency on your account to cover the charge fully


Thanks Karol,

By the way, sometimes the ATM machines ask which currency should I want to use - local or the account standard.
What option should I follow then (considering both EUR/JPY accounts have sufficient funds)?

Always choose the local currency. In your case, JPY while in Japan. :slight_smile:
Letting the ATM charge you in your “home currency” (which will be GBP, given the card is British) is called DCC, and it’s usually leading to terrible markup rates :slight_smile:


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Ok, thank you both for the help!