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What happened to recruiting 100 people in a day and improving customer service?
The recent fiasco with failed payments has left my family members short of money on holiday with pending payments for four days now. Any attempt to contact support has proven a waste of time.
I’ve been a faithful :r: user for quite some time and have supported the service numerous times on this forum. Something I sadly won’t be doing any more.


Judging from the topics on the forum (excluding the ludicrous ones :slight_smile: ) it really seems not much has changed in terms of customer support. This is Revolut biggest weakness and they seem either not to recognise that or not to care too much.

I still keep mentioning Revolut when it comes to discussions about banking or finances, as I believe they really offer a unique service, but these days I do that with a huge disclaimer that Revolut only works fine until you need to contact customer support and then all hell might break loose.

To be completely fair, except for once (when I eventually gave up and contacted Andreas) whenever I contacted their support I got a somewhat satisfactory answer within a somewhat reasonable amount of time. So above’s statement is purely based on my perception of what third parties here on the forum report.


I agree entirely with Alessandro as my experience exactly coincides with his. I love the product and consider myself fortunate that my few ‘hiccup’ experiences have been minor and quickly resolved.


They recently moved on and still keep moving things around. The fiasco happened on a very difficult moment for revolut. Let’s give them more time.


How many more times until one should be able to expect a change?


I am sure its a cunning (operational business) plan to get more people to move to premium where chat wait times are less than 10 mins, and available at weekends?

Revolut already provide amazing discounts against competitors. We can’t expect everything for free.

Perhaps the answer is to provide basic, silver, gold and premium paid services (e.g) with each having its own benefits, including a guaranteed chat response time frame for each. Then perhaps customers have the right to complain if they are actually paying for a service rather than expecting the ‘world for free’ from a ‘new’ start up?

For discussion?


Most people probably dont expect everything for free, besides even the free accounts generate revenue for Revolut. But basic customer support is - as the name says - not a premium feature but can be expected at every account level. And I am not talking about people who want to extend their trial period or entered the PIN incorrectly a million times, but I am talking about issues which are out of a customer’s control.

It is fair to expect that such cases are handled within reasonable time as well without saying it is an expectation to have everything for free.



The other thing is I’m not convinced about is that premium members consistently receive significantly better response times. There have been many posts on here suggesting the response is little better.


All valid points. At the end of the day there is a commercial cost associated with providing more customer support. That cost will ultimately be passed to the customer in some shape or form.

I can live with a ‘not so efficient’ support service if the personal costs of operating a Revolut account remain low, and new and exciting features keep coming.

Operate like the no frills airline business model. Keep costs down and if people want added features (eg food and water), then they can pay for it on an individual basis rather than having everyone subsidise.

As an extreme, you can pay to be bumped up the Revolut chat queue. Highest bidder wins, time is money lol.


We are not talking about “not so efficient” here but very often about inexistent.

I’d prefer if they held back the “new and exciting features” and fixed existing issues like support, banking licence and so on.

Again, we are not talking about wanting to have a bite off a sandwich on a plane but about getting on board and off the ground in the first place. Even Ryanair offers the basic transportation without additional cost :wink:


Again, all valid points. But there is a commercial cost associated with providing more customer support. ‘You and I’ will have to pay somehow, or lose an existing feature etc.

Personally I am happy with the service, so far, and the level of customer support I have received is acceptable V the value Revoult are providing overall.


Of course there is a cost involved, but again, even free accounts generate revenue.

If Revolut cant provide a basic, reasonable level of support at this point I’d question their current business model.

As I said earlier, I did not experience any of those horror support stories myself either so far, but it still makes me hesitant to use Revolut for anything more substantial than a relatively small amount. I’d have a particular use-case for which Revolut would be ideal, but that would involve quite a substantial amount and Revolut does not yet instill the confidence in me to actually go all-in :smiley:


I’m not taking massive amounts of cash so it’s not enough to spoil our holiday. It’s still in the region of a few hundred euro.
The frustration is its now 2 days with no response from support.


Moral, always have a back up plan. In fact that goes for life in general ! :wink:

I find my Halifax Clarity and Nationwide cards (MasterCard and Visa) serve well for holiday/travel matter contingency planning. Just in case!


I agree, the problem is in Revolut’s case falling back to the backup often seems sort of normal :). And a backup will only help in cases of declined payments but not with blocked funds.


The backup plan is for dad (me) to sub them till the funds revert. I use Halifax clarity which has never let me down. Have also been testing TransferWise and it’s growing on me after :r: failing.


Aren’t you paying to convert currencies with transferWise, 0.35%-2%? So not that cheap?


During that day, they employed about 60 people.
Please remember that they have to learn :slight_smile:
I believe that we will see improvement within next a few weeks.
(Actually yesterday they answered my question within 7 min, yes- minutes :slight_smile: )


All depends on what % of what exact exchange rate (maybe not at the weekends, lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Moral…compare rates (in real time) and something else to do with eggs and baskets


I think I will stick with Travellers Cheques. Life Is becoming too complicated again ! :wink: