£10 standard delivery?


I am having some problems with my card; the strip is getting worn so often the card requires a few goes to work. I wanted to order a replacement, which is £5. This is ok, but then £10 for standard delivery?? (and £17 for 2 day delivery). Where do these charges even come from?

I am happy to pay something, but when any other card provider has provided replacements for free (and given problems i have already had with Revolut) this seems absurd.


Hey Sortitout, have you tried asking support? I guess the delivery fee is dependent on where in the world it needs to go.


is going to central london. I’ve tried support before and they are so slow and unhelpful that I simply don’t have that time to waste. I guess the post was more a statement as opposed to a question; I have contacted my regular bank who will be providing me with a free replacement now, so tbh I will probably just stop using revolut


Well, then it got literally sorted out for you :wink:


Okay. That is too bad. Seems like an excessive amount for delivery. It might be a bug.

Is magnetic strip really used that much in the UK?