10 euro referral scam? Feedback from the community

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They also need to make a transaction AFAIK to be eligilbe for the referral credit.

Instead of crying out you should read the conditions next time. Your friends were supposed to make a purchase as well.

In order to get your reward, your referrals need to verify their account, order a card and complete one transaction.

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Also - what do you mean when saying you wasted 20€? You paid them to top up their cards? If so, you should be grateful that AML systems didn’t notice it, as iirc it’s heavily against ToS to fund other person’s account in that way lmao

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I don’t read the terms not my fault
I just want to complain and angry

Feel better now?

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it is no issue if you send it via the send/request option available.

The IT support said not only they have to make a transaction but it has to be in a specific timeframe not counting the postal delay and also that they have to charge the card with their own money not accept incoming transfer from another user.
The outcome each of us lost 10 euros and got exposed to their friends as liars because the bonus never came.NEVER AGAIN

Well what can we do, you are a bunch of liars. Who would want to be your friend now… /s
Jokes aside, please, pretty please, man up and read the T&Cs next time.
Revolut could’ve wrote a binding term into the referral that they now own your house and your friend’s house who signed up… and you would stand no ground in court :slight_smile: it’s not that hard afterall… but again, that’s why people don’t understand what’s wrong with Google. No one reads T&Cs, but in Revolut’s case, you only had to go through like 3 lines…


Why would they ?They got what they wanted and you paid for it

No the conditions is make purchase which is ofc given since they need to activate by PIN first
But they imposed timeframe and also to top up from bank or credit not from other user

I haven’t paid for sh*t, and the referral if you do it properly gives the card for free to the referred person…

Actually… they couldn’t.

If they had done this and not told you about it clearly you could take them to the Financial Ombudsman Service and claim that the service wasn’t clearly explained to you and on the grounds that Revolut has done nothing to inform you of that caveat, you’d probably get your house back and get significant compensation

Then the FSA would fine Revolut into bankruptcy after a thorough review.


How did you lost 10 euros ???

@Primetech, this is the most ridiculous post I read in a while. Congratulations.


I never paid for revolut
I got a message in the app
Get a free card

And i now save money then spending on the internet, and travel
How can it be a scam to save money?

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Have you read what we wrote practically we all didnt get anything

@Primetech here use this https://www.revolut.com/legal/complaints-policy/ . If this is a scam why all of my friends and most of the people here in forum had receive their bonuses. You are just exception of the rule, you are not the rule, so go to the site that I gave you if you think you’ve been scammed…

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This is the showcase of somebody not reading the basic terms (about 3 lines altogether, that you have to make a purchase) and then blaming somebody else for his mistake.

btw you have the same amount of money as before so you didnt lose anything.