10+ days to order a replacement card, still waiting


An ATM swallowed my card over 10 days ago. I immediately cancelled the card on the app and tried to order a new one, to Peru where I am currently located.

For any address (tried multiple ones), after logging out and after reinstalling the app, I get an error “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later”.

Support managed to manually create a request for me (which took 4 days to show up on the app). It’s now 1 day past the estimated delivery date, the card was never shipped (after saying it was, but never showing a tracking code, and then going back to showing it as not shopped).

Support now tells me that the solution to my problem is to use the broken form. When I tell them that I tried this, they tell me to logout or reinstall the app, which we’ve done already. They tell me to do a thing that is broken as a solution to my report that that thing is broken.

So now, 10 days after I cancelled my card and tried to order a new one, I still don’t have a card in transit. It will likely take over a week to get here.


Hey @ittailup :slight_smile:

I would suggest to file a complaint form as this is not acceptable. The link should be given to you by the in-app support team, but it’s also been posted in the forum before.


Supervisor now tells me that it’s DHLs fault that they took over 10 days to ship or provide an update.

It’s now 11 days since I first spoke to support, and I now have a tracking code for a card that is not shipped, STILL. Also the card has been deleted from my app.

TFW you’re glad you kept your old debit cards so you can still buy food– “worldwide in 3 days”