£10 charge for first physical card


I set up my first account today. I chose the “virtual card and get a physical card later” option as I wanted to understand how the service works before I paid a £5 delivery charge, and there didn’t appear to be any disadvantage in doing it that way.

However, now that I want to order my FIRST physical card I’m told I have to pay a £5 “spare” card charge plus the £5 delivery charge. So with no warning I now discover I have to pay £10 to be able to use a physical card. Is this correct? I don’t mind paying £10, but on a point of principle I do mind setting up an account and getting to the final hurdle before discovering this charge exists.

That’s the sort of behaviour we expect from High Street banks. Oh wait, no we don’t. They are actually very upfront about their fees.


If you delete your virtual card before ordering a physical card, you should be able to save the spare card fee. This spare card fee applies for all spare cards, whether they are physical or virtual.


was trying to get a revolt card. Paid £5 for a card and topped up my account 10£
I could not verify my identity and contacted support straight away .
Was told Because I am not a eu citizen and only have tourist visa I was unable to have a revolt pre paid card to use.
Then asked for refund back to my card, before I could read my messages they deleted my account in a flash.
I have not received any card in the post and they have given me a refund for remaining balance but but have not refunded the money I had to pay for the card. And didn’t even receive any card!
Would like my £5 back for a card I didn’t receive