10.000 € of funds still missing after over 2 months of waiting


Good afternoon,

around the 16th of january I used my personal Revolut account to transfer 10.000 € from the bank account of the company I am the director of.

A Revolut agent told me that they could not process those funds, since I should have used a business account instead of a personal one, given the source of funds.

He also told me that he would have processed those funds back to the bank account of the company.

After over 2 months the funds are still missing, and nobody is able to tell me what happened or to give me any sort of update or resonable timeframe about it, despite countless chat with the customer service.

The money disappeared, not because of my fault, and I can not see it coming back nor I have any news about it, just countless procrastinations.

So, what should I do despite waiting?


Hey @piero :slight_smile:

Using a personal account for business purposes is your fault and risky. Even more with an online e-money institution. However, I agree that losing the money is not.

I would file a formal complaint. Two months is a big delay. Apart from that, I’ll tag @AndreasK and @JessicaZ, who are usually able to sort this things out like magic :wink:


As I can see an agent responded to your in-app messages, providing you with a transfer confirmation.


Similar thing happening to me !!!
25k USD of personal funds transferred into Revolut account along with copies of all supporting documents regarding source of funds.
Nothing showing in my account, and no reply from customer support since over one week despite over ten messages from me.
This is looking like a fraud !!!


Hi there.

We have increased your limits. Apologies for the delay :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K