1 star review for crypto update


I put a 1 start review on Play store and suggest to do the same because the crypto update today…
Which is a joke, forcing users to spam friends with the shitty app promotion to unlock basic in app functions!

The link is broken and the whole invite system, it simply redirects users to play store and did not count any sign ups.

Big thumbs down for the Revolut!


Before saying something like that, please, check the forum… this was a pre-release… public release will be in two weeks.


Don’t care, rolling basic app functions for premium users and ADVERTISING THAT IS A JOKE.

And in the end the whole easy/small fees crypto thing is just a fake advertising. Revolut has hidden the fees under poor exchange rates, just like banks do and just like they there advertising for so long they wouldn’t do… But hey, here we are 2017 and Revolut has shittier strategies than the bank, shittier customer support than the bank, shittier hidden fee than the bank…

1 star rating is more than fair at the moment.