1% fee with "deferred debit cards"? (Boursorama-banque and ING direct)?


I’m about to open a bank account at Boursorama-banque or ING direct (France), and both banks give a choice between “immediate debit cards” and “deferred debit cards”. I believe both are considered “debit” in the traditional sense, but the latter one comes with “credit” written on it, which is a bit confusing.

Does anybody know if Revolut will charge me 1% for topping up with the deferred debit card? Any Boursorama / ING direct user here?

Thanks a lot!

If the card is registered under a credit card, then the fee will be applied. You can always provide us with supporting documents that show this is a debit, and we can look into changing this for you if possible.

Thanks, true, but the problem is that I don’t know if it’s considered as such or not, so it would be great if people using these cards could let us know… Thanks!

Hi Nonown,

I have an ING Mastercard debit card (“carte à débit immédiat”). When I try to top up the REVOLUT account using this card, a fee of 1% is charged by Revolut. So it seems Revolut considers it as a credit card. I don’t know why.

Oh, that’s bad news, thanks for the update… @AndreasK is that expected?

Hmm, could you please let me know the BIN number of the card you’re referring to? I’m afraid that your bank card has been internationally classified as Credit card.

I believe you are right. The first 8 numbers of my French ING MASTERCARD are 5136 2500.

As a conclusion, in France, ING is de facto discouraging money transfers from ING France to REVOLUT:

  • ING France’s MASTERCARD is in fact internationally classified as a credit card (although it is not used as such by the holder), therefore a 1% levy is incurred each time you want to pay cash into your REVOLUT account.
  • ING France does not allow you to make bank transfers from ING account to REVOLUT account (GB60 REVO 0099 xxxx xxxx xx).

Looks like ING France wants its customers to choose between ING and REVOLUT. Just my opinion.

Thank you. I’m using a BIN checker and I can see that your card is classified by your bank as Credit card



One odd thing I just found: I have a DEBIT card (BIN 513770), but all bin checkers say it’s credit. Revolut takes 0% fee though, so somehow you guys know it’s a debit card.
My relative has a CREDIT card (same bank, BIN 513775), all bin checkers also say credit. Revolut does take 1% fee.

I wonder how it knows when bin checkers don’t show any difference :thinking:

Edit: Nevermind, it seems both BINS are mixed, so only with additional numbers we can know if it’s a debit or credit.

Hi @quentinb. I could double check this for you.

No need, I clearly have a debit card and my relative a credit card, so the fees applied by Revolut make sense (even though she uses that card 99% of the time as a debit card)
Told her to make bank transfers instead to load her Revolut account :+1:

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Thank you for clarifying this!

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AndreasK, thanks for checking.

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