1.5M users #ToTheMoon 🌚


Hi there. Unfortunately, your account has been flagged by our automated security system and for security reasons is currently under review. Thank you.


This is terrible news.

Your support team has already been buckling under pressure and you keep adding users. Classic start-up mentality where growth comes first and customer experience is only paid lip service.

I will be actively warning all my friends who want to sign up about your appalling customer support.


Great, but despite good reviews and promises of free card delivery, my account was just charged with delivery fee (new account, first card)…


Hey Siro, that is to bad, but if you contact in app support then i am sure they will help you and most likely refund the delivery.


Already did. Currently the only thing I got in reply is β€œOne of our agents will be with you in approximately 2 hours”. :smiley:


As I can see we have refunded you the cost :slight_smile: Don’t forget to verify your account! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you. Customer service was quite quick on this one, which I appreciate.


That was a bit sarcastic wasn’t it ? :laughing: