1.5M users #ToTheMoon 🌚


Oh, did we forget to mention we’re 1.5M users strong and counting? :muscle: #ToTheMoon :new_moon_with_face:




You should aim for Mars now :rocket:


Revolut got a mention in there i newspaper today (business section) 1.5 M users and break even cask flow , well done. We users can live with break even :slight_smile:


Congratulations guys!
What you did/doing for us is awesome, very happy with you! Not everything is perfect of course but continue to improve it and make us happy, and keep cool head :slight_smile:
Have a nice day


Well done. As a matter of interest what was the growth in the last twelve months?


Well. At this number :r: should start to:

Give a web based solution
Proper support and phone line also
Real debit cards under MasterCard World program. Not pre paid…

Just saying guys. There are many banks which have 1/3 of Revolut in customer numbers and when comes to basic things, they’re (still) much better :slight_smile:


Keep in mind, Revolut is not a bank yet :slight_smile:

Apple Pay support

True :laughing:


Well. 1.5M is quite impressive number especially because is limited to phone only


Well done all at @revolut

I wonder how many are active users though. I know a lot of people just get Revlut before going on holidays and on their return they just totally ditch it.


You can find these numbers in many published news articles about this :wink:


Are your support team on the moon? … because they are non existent for the last 10 hours … which is unacceptable for a financial institution.


And keep in mind you cannot contact them either … no way no how. If you have a problem with your account you are basically screwed.


Very impressive indeed, I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future! Go :r: gooo! :clap:


I can’t wait to see if they will be able to get a response to my request for support which has been waiting for 12 hours now. I’m guessing they can’t pay the end of month salaries and everyone has quit!


Thank you for your constructive feedback. As I can see your query has been escalated to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Thank you for your patience.


Need to look after the ones you have already, growing too big and I still have an issue ongoing for nearly 3 weeks now!


Or maybe aim to provide a proper service to the real 1500 active customers…


Just give me my money back and allow me to go away and you’ll be down to 1.499.999. Still pretty impressive though!