0% fee for non-US $ debit cards


I have an offshore account with Lloyds International in Jersey, denominated in $. Debit card fee is the same as any other UK/offshore account - why should this incur a 3% topup fee from Revolut?


This is so because the account/card currency is USD.

See https://revolut.com/faq/gettingstarted.php?cat_id=10&faq_id_according=52&cat_name=Common%20Faqs#parentVerticalTab10


I know this - but the reason for charging extra is because of the US domicile of the cards not because of the currency. Asking for different treatment of non-US $ cards.


Hi @simonr,

Support USD is expensive for us, and there is 3% per USD top-up with a debit card. We aim to change this, and bring these costs down.


Andres K.


I believe this applies to all cards/accounts denominated in USD, irrespectively of the origin of a card issuing or account origin institution.

Revolut states: “Supporting credit cards and top-ups in USD is expensive for us”, “3% per USD top-up with a debit card” , “4% (1% plus 3%) per USD top-up with a credit card”

So there’s no mention of credit cards/top ups from a US-based institution, the sentence refers to the cards and top ups in the USD currency.


Where’s the cost coming from? I can understand why US debit cards would be expensive to clear but US$ from U.K. Offshore accounts should incur the same processing fee as GBP?


I agree with you completely, I have no idea why is that so.